All I wanted was a chicken sandwich…


I never anticipated politics to cross paths with my lunch. But, it did. 

Before I get into my personal opinions on the Chick-fil-A scandal I’d like to make two things very clear:

  1.  I believe in the freedom of speech. This freedom is truly what makes America the country it is. Please don’t condemn me for exercising this freedom in this post (or any). If you don’t like me, my thoughts, or my opinions – don’t read it. 
  2.  I believe in the freedom of love. What matters to me is if a person is kind, hardworking, and a well-intentioned human being… I don’t care if someone is straight or gay. Gays were born that way. Deal with it. And to my gay friends who might be reading this – continue being the fabulous people you are. 

Here is where things get a little hairy.

Chick-fil-A. This has been a very conservative Christian franchise from the start. It’s one of the few places that close on Sunday, and I respect them for that. And let’s face it… for fast food, it’s damn good. And I have only received incredibly friendly service from the patrons that work there… I think it is AWESOME when I see people taking pride in their work, and providing a good service with a happy attitude. I have seen this occur at CFA’s all over Virginia (I travel for work and have been to several as a result) time and time again.

Chicken: So… Dan Cathy (President of CFA) was being interviewed by The Baptist Press (not the National Enquirer, mind you) where he was asked about his beliefs regarding marriage. He tactfully stated that he believes in the biblical definition of a family.  He also said “going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena” . 

This is the part that I don’t get… Was his stance not common knowledge before? I’m pretty sure it was. I don’t understand why ALLLLLL OF A SUDDEN the opinion Cathy expressed while being interviewed provoked such an uproar when people already knew this information. 

Rainbows: And on the flip-side… I have always found it quite interesting that in the Bible that sin is sin… Meaning, there is no set scale for ranking how bad your sin is. But why do so many people judge homosexuality so much harder than other sins? If two guys hold their hands peacefully, they have to worry about the negative reaction of everyone around them. But if a straight guy comes to a bar and gets caught taking his wedding ring off (or is simply acting single when he is not), he might get subjected to an eye-roll, maybe. This just doesn’t seem right.

Chicken: While my beliefs are different from Cathy’s, I do believe he has the right to tactfully say what he believes. I don’t agree with him, but I don’t think he did something wrong in stating what he believes. In fact, I appreciate his honesty.

Rainbows: I don’t know how a homosexual could go into CFA and feel as welcome. It’s the equivalent of President Obama going to a Republican rally… awwwwkward. 

Both: I don’t like the way either party has retaliated. I especially don’t think it is right for Boston, Chicago, etc. to attempt to disenfranchise CFA.  

Both: I have heard that CFA has funded some not-so-cool groups. While I don’t like that one bit… I think it is ridiculous that people are ONLY looking at Chick-fil-A. Want to read about some screwed up companies? Check out Citgo (I will push my car with my own two hands before filling it up with Citgo gasoline, unAmerican jerkoffs). Check out Monsanto (corporate bullies with ties to politicians that allow them to do the things they do). If you are going to look into one company, be fair, and look into them all.

Where does this leave me?

It leaves me appreciating the freedom of speech even more, and the good people in my life whether they are straight or gay. 

Neither the oober conservative Christian groups, or the gays are going anywhere…The best way to get someone who is on the opposing side to join yours is to kill them with kindness, not threatening them with chicken sandwiches.

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  1. Totally agree Dana! I appreciate our first ammendment rights and the ability that we as Americans are able to have this debate. But, the overwhelming take away that I feel is love and tolerance and that goes for both Chicken and Rainbows. I think loving and tolerating is the first bridge that needs to fill the gap of misunderstanding. While I have tremendous respect for gays, I believe in gay marriage, and the freedom of love I do understand Cathy’s perspective. I think it’s important not to judge Cathy for his opinion because the way people construct their world views are impacted by so many factors. It may not be his fault that he thinks the way he does about gays and that makes me feel sorry for him. I don’t think hate is ever going to will another person to believe something they don’t want to believe or don’t understand enough to make a solid opinion about. While I support GLADD’s decision to protest Chick-Fil-A I think a more effective solution would be sit down and have an open conversation and talk with Cathy. That would enable both parties to really speak to each others differences instead of seemingly attacking each other. I am thinking that one of two things are going to havppen now. A) Cathy is going to release a “false” statement about his support for gays or gay marriage or something to that effect or B) He is going to be infuriated with the protests which will push him further in the wrong direction. I think GLADD needs to be strategic about how they make strides for their cause and make sure they are not being intolerant themselves. I do agree that it seems that a large majority of “bible thumpers” are quick to make judgment about other people’s sin but ultimately make many exceptions for their own lives where they see fit. For example, I know someone who is completely against gay marriage and often rambles on about, “It should be Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.” However, he has been divorced, has stolen from his parents, and committed numerous “sinful acts” but yet he makes exceptions for himself. I almost think the way he has lived his wife could be construed as much worse given that he had more choice than gays do. I completely agree with you about people only looking at Chick-Fil-A. Walmart has long been known to exploit workers in Mexico but people continue to shop there. I think if you wanted to get down to the nitty gritty details of any corporation you could find some moral, practice, or organizaton they support that you do not agree with. I think I’m going to have to continue to eat mo’ chicken and wear my rainbow shirt.

    • *I think the way he has lived his life*** could be construed as much worse given that he had more choice than gays do.

    • Thank you for your comment! I agree that it would be great for Cathy and someone with solid leadership within the gay community (I honestly don’t know who that would be, so I don’t have a specific suggestion) to have a discussion – not an argument. I would never expect either parties to change their minds, but instead, gain a better understanding of where each stands. And more importantly, gain respect for each other for what is important – being a good person.

  2. Hey Dana! Great post, clean, polite and intelligent. While I absolutly agree with 1st amendment rights and CFA’s ability to say what they like and have the stance they choose I think people have become too soft with this topic. Lets for a second imagine it wasnt gay they didnt like. What if it was african-americans? Or women? Would everyone be so quiet? I doubt it. And if I recall from text books, it was an all out brawl when it came to the rights of women and the black comunity. But ya know, the gays are so dramatic…. Its just marriage.

    Statistics show that about 50% of marriages dont last anyway. So why would we want to have such a highly disgreguarded institution available to us? If Charlie is on his death bed, I cannot go and be by his side. If he looses his job like he did last week, my jobs insurence cant cover him. We are denied the right to form a contract allowing us access to simple things so many heterosexuals take for grated. As I sit here crying about the things my boyfriend of 9 years and I cant share because a religous group say its against a books rules that have no place in our country’s consititution, I think how sad it must be to be the other side. I share one of the greatest loves in the worldand they will never understand what its like. Everyday we are up against someone who says we are second class citizens. We dont hold hands in puplic because once we are spit on when we did. We are not less than anyone else. If “God created all men equal” than why do those people who use his name disagree with him? Is that not hypocracy?

    I dont wish to say anyone one party is right and the other wrong. I simply want people to open their eyes and see this for what it is. Its more than a chicken sandwhich. It a civil rights movement. Its a turning point for a group of people who have been shoved to the side. No different than telling a woman she cant vote or have a job. No different than telling a black women to move to the back of the bus. It is all about equal rights. I hurts me to think a group of people founded on love and the inclusion of all mankind would so quickly turn its back. Jesus would have never turned his back to me. Like he did with the whores and the outcasts, I know he would have taken my hand and said ‘I love you, come and be a part of my kingdom.’

    • Waggles, thank you so much for posting your comment. I also appreciate that you stated your opinions, and experiences in such a thoughtful and respectful way… my oh my the world would be a better place if people took the time to be tactful. I hope lots of people read your comment and at the very least gain new insight. ❤ to you and Charlie, and the puppy!!

  3. Hi love,

    I think the bigger issue isn’t that he stated his beliefs (and he’s said much more hateful things in the past about this- I don’t understand why it all of a sudden blew up now), but that Chick-Fil-A donates money to some really fucked up organizations. Like, organizations that try to convince people that all gays are pedophiles, or conduct sick science experiments to try to “cure” gays. I do feel bad for the franchise owners who have no control over this and are suffering the most from the boycott, many of whom probably strongly disagree with Cathy, but I am uncomfortable with the idea of even a fraction of a cent of my money going to a cause that I find repugnant.

    Furthermore, I think a lot of people are misinterpreting what the 1st amendment actually means. The 1st amendment only protects you from the Government infringing on your freedom of speech. I fully support Cathy having the ability to say what he wants, and I don’t think the Government should silence him, but that doesn’t make him free from criticism. As a private individual, it’s impossible for me to infringe on someone else’s right to free speech. Granted, Boston and Chicago are another issue, and they actually be doing something unconstitutional. But as far as the boycott goes, and people voicing their disapproval of speech that is disgusting, backward, and old-fashioned, there is nothing more American than that. Very similar arguments were once used to prevent inter-racial marriage and segregated schools, and that fight was won through protests, boycotts, and vocal disapproval. This fight will be won in the same way.

    Thanks for your post, I love you!

    • Suz!
      Thank you so much for your comment!

      I completely hear you on every point you made. Some of the groups that CFA gives money to are downright disturbing. I’m not ok with that. But I wish people would investigate these kinds of issues with as many companies as possible, instead of just CFA. There are a lot of screwed up corporations, and people ought to spend time understanding where their money is really going. I hope that this does teach people to pay more attention.

      In terms of the first amendment – I’m frustrated at two parts regarding this. The first part being the nasty remarks people are making from both sides… this has brought out the ugly out of a lot of people. If someone respectfully dictates their opinion, I don’t think it is fair for others to call them names/be hateful/accuse them, etc. just because one disagrees. I know it is not illegal to spit nasty remarks in retaliation, I just wish people fought back smarter. The second part is the entire Boston/Chicago situation… what they are doing is so wrong, on so many levels… this makes me incredibly angry.

      I do think that we will see progress. And you brought up a great point in the fact that segregation was won through protests, boycotts, and simply by being vocal. But with the issue being rooted in religion, I think it makes things complicated in a different way. But, I sure do hope to attend a fantastically, flamboyant, gay wedding in my lifetime.


    • WOMAN! Thanks girl. Appreciate it! I think life stress had caused a weird form of writers block. But back at it, indeed. Phone date soon. 🙂

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